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Dog Park Equipment


Dog Park Equipment

Whether you are building a new dog park playground or just adding on to an existing one, you are sure to find some essential dog park equipment here. Available in a rainbow of assorted colors, it is easy to find dog park equipment that fits your dog park’s color scheme.

Our dog park equipment selection consists of:

  • DOGIPOT Stations: These pet waste stations provide the bags and disposal bin to encourage dog owners to pick up after their dogs. Whether visitors need to refill bags or dispose of pet waste, DOGIPOT stations are a great addition to apartment complexes, dog parks, and other areas where people walk their dogs.
  • Dog Playgrounds: Set up a dog playground to train your dog, teach them new tricks, or just help them expend some energy. Our dog playground equipment consists of hoops, tunnels, stepping pads, and more.
  • Dog Water Fountains: These pedestal-style dog water fountains help pets stay hydrated while out and about in public areas.

The dog playground equipment pieces you will find below will keep dogs happy, healthy and busy while visiting a community dog park. Each piece is sold individually so they can be arranged in a course or set separately and sporadically depending on the look and design of the area.

Whether you’re seeking a commercial dog playground for your dog park or a dog playground set for your backyard, our wide variety of dog playground pieces will keep your four-legged friend healthy, active, and entertained.

We offer complete dog playground sets, ranging from Small to Large configurations, or individual dog playground equipment pieces, like hoops, tunnels, climbs, run-throughs, hurdles, and more. Dog playgrounds like these are also suitable for teaching your pet new tricks.

You’ll also find dog playground accessories, like a decorative fire hydrant, dog park bench, and a dog park trash bin to tie the whole look of your dog park and dog playground together. Consider also adding a DOGIPOT pet waste station to your dog park premises so as to keep them clean and sanitary. Complete the area with a dog park water fountain so that furry visitors can also keep hydrated while playing.

Everyone is happy when dog owners clean up after a walk or exercise run, and our DOGIPOT pet waste stations provide everything you need to do the job right. With DOGIPOT pet waste stations, the pet owner does the cleans up. Your parks and other public areas are cleaner for all of your visitors. DOGIPOT pet waste stations are your dog pollution solution.

EASY TO USE clearly stated instructions, litter bags, and waste can - all nicely displayed and in one location. Place a DOGIPOT pet waste station at the entrance of your park. Pet owners grab a litter bag on their way in and deposit the filled bag in the waste can on their way out. Your maintenance staff easily empties the full waste can with the regular trash pick-up. It's just that easy!

Seven Super Reasons to use DOGIPOT pet waste stations:

  • It's considerate & it's the law in many areas
  • Enormously economical and practical
  • Attractive display with clear instructions
  • Easily collected with regular trash pick-up
  • Encourages pet owners to take responsibility
  • Keeps public areas clean - for all your visitors
  • Prevents the spread of disease

The demand for pet friendly apartments, hotel rooms, and exercise areas is on the rise as more people include dogs and cats as family traveling companions. Forward thinking, pet friendly property managers and hotel owners are making more money and feeling appreciated by pet owners and non-pet owners alike.

  • Increased rental rates by 10% for in demand, pet friendly apartment communities
  • Profits of pet friendly hotels soar above their competition
  • Visiting pet owners applaud management for providing clean, pet friendly parks
  • Non-pet owners rave about clean public amenities in pet friendly, progressive thinking communities
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