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Multi-Housing / Apartments / HOA
What Amenities Do Renters Look For?
Renters often wonder which amenities will add the greatest appeal to their apartments. So, what amenities do renters look for?

1. A dishwasher is a convenience that many apartment renters get used to and just feel they can't live without.

2. Typically most renters look for apartment communities with a pool (complete with updated pool furniture). If you don't have a pool in your community, advertise a nearby city or recreational pool.

3. Renters with children look at playgrounds as a top priority when selecting their new apartment. Be sure to specifically highlight what types of playground equipment you offer.

4. Garages are an important amenity not only because it provides convenience to the renter but it also provides a sense of security.

5. When renting in an area with a cooler climate, people look forward to using a fireplace to stay warm. For slightly warmer areas, consider an outdoor fireplace or fire pit for entertaining.

6. Spas have become a must-have amenity in many renters' minds, especially to those that live in cooler climates.

7. People love their pets so accepting large dogs at your property could potentially increase your occupancy rates.

8. People that earn airline miles, points or cash back love their credit cards. Accepting credit card payments provides convenience to the renter and also rewards.

9. It's no secret that Wi-Fi usage is exploding. If you don't already offer wireless internet access, contact your local cable or phone company for more details.

10. Renters don't want to deal with one extreme to another when it comes to temperature. They want air conditioning.

11. TV is a popular desired amenity. Be sure to specify if you have cable or satellite TV as they also rank highly on the list for potential renters.

12. No matter what type of outdoor living area your properties have - porch, deck, terrace, balcony or patio - be sure to keep them updated with the proper furniture.

13. Accepting electronic payments is not only convenient for renters but also for managers. Electronic payments allow for faster availability of funds.

14. Some people just can't stand the thought of living without their furry companion so be sure to allow pets at your establishment. If pets are allowed, it is in your best interest to provide your residents with DOGIPOT pet waste systems.

15. Many people find that a fitness center within an apartment community are high on their list of amenities. This is a convenience that can really make your community stand out above its competitors. Including outdoor fitness equipment on your property can also be a plus to potential health conscious renters.