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To us, it's not just selling commercial grade furnishings and site amenities such as picnic tables, park benches, bleachers and playgrounds, it's also about educating out clients!

Providing our clients with the knowledge needed to maintain a playground, start a dog park, or become a greener community is very important to us. With this in mind, we have several brochures to ensure we continue our goal of being an educator and a trusted adviser, and not "just" a leading catalog and online distributor. We strive to always exceed expectations while enhancing the earnings of our clients. These interactive and educational brochures are just another reason we continue to stay at the top of our market.

Our Bleacher Safety Guide touches on the major regulations that could help save lives. Over 200,000 people are hurt annually in accidents associated with bleachers - and many of these injuries involve children. It is imperative that a knowledgeable individual equipped to answer any and all bleacher safety questions is involved with the installing, maintaining and inspection of all bleacher units.

Since adding playgrounds to our product line, we have taken the steps to become educated in the necessary playground safety guidelines, as well as the best ways to raise funds and budget for a new playground. The information stated in our Playground Safety Guide is meant to be used as a guideline to minimize injuries associated with playground equipment. It is believed that these recommendations, along with the technical information in the ASTM Standards of Public Playgrounds, will contribute to great playground safety.

We also know that the funds necessary to provide children with the playground equipment needed to help them grow and learn can be a tough road. Following the simple steps found in the Playground Budgeting Guide will not only make purchasing a new playground unit or replacing an existing on easier, it also provides a great way for communities to get involved.

Ensuring a community stays clean and beautiful is easier than you may think. Starting a recycling program or a dog park are just a few ways to ensure that everyone is getting the full benefit of a park or recreational area. Keeping trash out of parks and off roads is just the beginning. Graffiti, cigarette liter and overflowing landfills are also menacing problems. ParknPool's Community Care Brochure highlights the simple steps that can be taken to clean and maintain the beauty of a community park, school or apartment complex.

Starting a community dog park is a great opportunity for owners to play with their pets where they otherwise might not be able to do so - such as in cities or areas with little to no yards. Our Guide to Starting and Maintaining a Dog Park touches on the best ways to get started including: finding a location, the benefits of having a dog park, and the site amenities needed.

Studies show that seating style and placement have a huge impact on customers deciding where they will eat and how much money they will spend. These factors are even more important than quality of the actual food. ParknPool's Restaurant Statistics Guide is full of statistics and helpful information to assist a restaurant in providing comfortable and timely customer service. The first impression can mean that guests return - and hopefully become regulars. On the other hand, a poorly coordinated evening can produce a different result. We offer indoor and outdoor restaurant seating to highlight the mood or feel of any style restaurant!

To learn more about the knowledgeable information provided in these interactive brochures or to request a printed version please give us a call at 877.777.3700 to speak with one our friendly sales managers!